RAD High Speed


Automatic two-speed technology with High RPM single sequence bolting and Fast rundown precision tightening

RAD High Speed torque wrenches incorporate a precision engineered high-speed gearbox designed for faster run down and quick reaction point positioning on time sensitive bolting applications.

RAD High Speed Torque Wrench Features:
  • The two-speed models feature a unique full automatic gearbox design, eliminating the time consuming switch between high and low speed gear.
  • Smooth continuous flow of controlled torque eliminating destructive hammering.
  • Faster run down on time sensitive bolting applications reaching speeds as high as 80 RPM.
  • RAD High Speed torque wrenches reduce operator strain and injury; resulting in increased productivity
  • Controlled torque – accuracy of +/- 4% on target and repeatability of +/- 2%


10GX-2 350-1000 ft/lbs. 85
15DX-2 500-1500 ft/lbs. 50
25DX-2 700-2500 ft/lbs. 44