Introducing the All-New B-RAD Xtreme

The Ultimate Industrial Torque Wrench!

B-RAD X 5000500-5,000 FT.LBS.2.4
B-RAD X 8000740-8,000 FT.LBS.1.7
B-RAD X 11K1,100-11,0001.2

Experience unrivaled power with the all-new B-RAD Xtreme (B-RAD X) – the world’s most powerful battery-operated torque wrench designed for industrial applications. Available in three different sizes, the B-RAD X delivers incredible torque up to 11,000 ft. lbs./15,000 Nm, making it the ultimate tool for heavy-duty tasks.

Built upon RAD Torque’s patented and globally recognized gearbox technology, the B-RAD X showcases a striking white design with a comfortable rubber grip. Equipped with a high-performance motor, this torque wrench ensures exceptional precision and durability.

Upgrade your industrial torque wrench arsenal with the all-new B-RAD Xtreme and experience the unmatched power, performance, and safety features it offers. Trust in RAD Torque’s legacy of excellence and take your productivity to the next level.

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Brushless DC motor for added durability and accuracy.

Redesigned anti-fatigue trigger switch.

Standard handguard for added operator protection.

Two-handed start option.

Latch lock to protect battery from falling from high heights.

4-button interface with high-contrast LED display provides feedback during operation.

Key Features of the B-RAD Xtreme:

  1. Brushless DC Motor: Enhance durability and accuracy with the brushless DC motor, delivering consistent performance over extended periods of use.
  2. Redesigned Anti-Fatigue Trigger Switch: The B-RAD X features an upgraded trigger switch with an IP rating, providing increased resistance against fatigue and ensuring reliable operation in challenging environments.
  3. Standard Handguard: Safety is paramount, which is why the B-RAD X comes with a standard handguard to provide added protection to the operator during operation.
  4. Two-Hand Start Options: With the two-hand start feature, the B-RAD X minimizes the risk of hand injuries by requiring both hands to activate the tool, prioritizing safety without compromising efficiency.
  5. Battery Latch Lock: Prevent accidents caused by falling batteries with the battery latch lock, securing the batteries firmly in place during operation.
  6. Digital Screen: The built-in digital screen provides clear and precise torque readings, allowing for accurate adjustments and measurements.