Torque Tool Pump

At Torque Tools Inc. we offer sales, rentals and full service on a complete range of torque pumps and associateed equipment. All pumps are 10,000 PSI, and are available in electric/hydraulic or pneumatic/hydraulic operation. All pumps are made in the USA. All pumps are available in a single port design for single tool use or a 4 port design for running up to 4 tools at once.

electric hydraulic torque wrench pump


110 Volts or 220 Volts

110V 13.7 amps – 220V 6.75 amps

1.5 HP

Max Oil Flow: 610 in³

2 gallon reservoir

75 lbs.

air hydraulic torque wrench pump


4 HP

Max Oil Flow: 625 in³

2 gallon reservoir

64 lbs.



—  Flexibility
—  Vibration dampening
—  Durability
—  Abrasion resistance
—  Chemical resistance
—  Non-aging
—  UV resistance
—  Light weight
—  Smooth cover


-Case pressure-relief grommet 9Topside on liquid-fillable models, Backside on dry models).

-White-painted aluminum dial, Black printed figures.

-Black-anodized aluminum pointer (Micrometer adjustable is standard on 4″ & 6″ dial sizes).

-AISI 316 Stainless Socket & Element.

-AISI 316 Stainless Steel Case & Bayonet Ring (Standard).

-IP Class=IP66. Operating temperature range= -4°F to 140°F without loss of accuracy.

-Orifice Restrictor Screw


Convert your existing single port pump to a 4 port pump in order to operate 4 tools at one time.

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