Sockets/Back-Up Wrenches



  • All products based on safely holding backup for applied torque.
  • Interlocking system can be used in almost any configuration.
  • Custom fabrication for specialty applications.
  • Great for areas that require non-sparking torque applications.
  • Can be used in tight quarters.
  • Less paint damage than standard style hammer wrenches when used as a backup.
  • Lanyard system can be installed depending on customer preferences.
  • Units hold themselves in place with magnets.
  • Hands not needed to hold backup in place, and a hammer is not needed to remove system.



OZAT socket design is clearly superior to most other sockets available. Their state of the art electro-chemical machining process makes it possible for OZAT to produce all of their sockets in the less-stress configuration illustrated below.

Without these special machining capabilities, cost of producing the preferred less-stress sockets becomes prohibitive. While other manufacturers, who use the normal broaching method to achieve the hex pattern in their sockets, may have to compromise in their selection of suitable steel, OZAT is able to specify the most perfectly matched material from which to manufacture the most durable and reliable sockets available.
The OZAT difference results in longer socket and fastener life and cost savings to the user. We guarantee it!

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Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 10.46.40 AM copy

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